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Subject: Ask the Mercer Island City Council to make sustainability their organizing framework for planning

Dear friends,

Please start your year off by helping Mercer Island commit to accelerating the city's movement towards a more sustainable future. Follow the link below to read and sign (if you support it) a letter to the Mercer Island City Council as they enter their annual planning process (conducted on January 26 and 27). The letter was written by Sustainable-MI, a group of concerned Mercer Islanders, is working together with city council members and city staff to explore how to support and accelerate the city's sustainability program. Sustainable M.I. seeks to protect ecosystem integrity while helping to make a vibrant local economy possible, with energy needs met by renewable sources.


The letter calls for the city to:

  1. Choose sustainability as the fundamental framework for all city planning.

  2. Adopt the STAR Community Rating System, a ready-made tool for setting sustainability goals, measuring progress, and reporting to our citizens.

  3. Become a role model and leader among King County cities on these issues.

Once you've signed the letter, you can take the next step by forwarding this e-mail to at least five friends. On the web site, you'll also find tools for collecting signatures in person.

Thank you!

With best wishes for a happy, healthy, environmentally friendly New Year.