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"As expressed in the City's Comprehensive Plan, since 2006: 

'Mercer Island strives to be a sustainable community: Meeting the needs of the present while preserving the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We consider the relationship between the decisions we make as a community and their long-term impacts before committing to them.'

The City is also committed to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction targets of 80% below [2007] levels by 2050, in alignment with King County targets, and works closely with King County climate staff, the King County Executive, and many other regional cities to achieve this goal, as part of the King County-Cities Climate Collaboration (K4C).

The City's Sustainability Manager is currently in the process of drafting a comprehensive, rolling 6-year Sustainability Plan and Climate Action Plan, in consultation with an informal advisory group of residents, Sustainable-MI. Until that plan is completed, the recommendations of a Sustainability Policy Task Force, convened in 2012, represent the most recent document guiding City sustainability planning, although many other actions and activities are occurring outside of that structure. The City also includes a section on Sustainability Policies and Programs in its Biennial Budget, which serves as a compilation of current work across all City departments on this topic." -- City of Mercer Island web site

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